Don’t have enough clips to make a Demo Reel? Want to bypass a Demo Reel altogether?

As an alternative to a Demo Reel, Actors sometimes opt for posting several clips of their work on sites such as Actors Access, IMDB, and It streamlines the process for Casting. Basically instead of watching a 3 minute Demo Reel to look for your comedic scenes, Casting Agents can simply watch ONLY your Comedic Clip.

We at NOLA Reels offer the service of finding(TV, FILM, etc) and editing your individual clips so that they are suitable for upload to such sites as Actors Access, IMDB, and



  • $50 for each clip(finding and cutting) to suitable online formats
  • We do have the ability to pull from DVD footage, Youtube, Vimeo, etc


Craig Leydecker Banshee Clip

House of Cards Clip 1

House of Cards Clip 2

Jeff Who Lives At Home clip



One thought on “Clip Extraction

  1. Shane Guilbeau

    Hi there, Shane Guilbeau here. I am interested in getting a clip from a project I was in. I do not have the material. It is an episode of PREACHER. Is this something that you would be able to helo me with? Thanks Shane Guilbeau

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