• 30 second Demo Reel:      $50
  • 1 minute Demo Reel:        $100
  • 1:30 Demo Reel:                 $150
  • 2 minute Demo Reel:        $200
  • 2:30 Demo Reel:                 $250
  • 3 minute Demo Reel:        $300
  • 3:30 Demo Reel:                 $350
  • 4 minute Demo Reel:         $400
  • *Half payment due up front, the other half upon completion of your Reel.


  • Gather all of your footage together and make a list of what you want. If you need me to locate any footage, write that down as well.
  • Write out the approximate time(s) you appear, who you play, and who your scene is with.
  • Once you have this list and the footage, I can begin to assemble your Reel.


  • I cut until you are satisfied with the finished product.
  • Confer via email, phone, and text on any questions you may have or updates on the progress.
  • File share via WeTransfer or Dropbox to check my progress.


  • 1 High Quality Web Friendly file of your Reel
  • *DVD copy available for additional $5 per disc


  • $50 per new clip to add to existing Demo Reel.