What are Reel Photos?

In yet another way to promote the many sides of You, the actor, Reel Photos offer you the ability to diversify your portfolio.

Unlike a Headshot, Reel Photos are stills captured from your existing footage to showcase you in a specific character/type.

Once collected, these photos can be uploaded to IMDB, displayed on your website, anchor your Facebook fan page, submitted by your agent to casting breakdowns, uploaded to casting sites, accompany an editorial, or just for your archival needs.


  • 3 Reel Photos: $10
  • 6 Reel Photos: $20
  • 9 Reel Photos: $30


The Many Sides of Escalante Lundy:




One thought on “Reel Photos

  1. Janella Simmons

    I am interested in obtaining reel photos fro my 16 year old son. What is the process?
    He has been featured on several projects. Would I have to obtain the pictures from film?

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